Welcome to the Oakville Chess Club!

This year, our membership will be online and will run from October 2020 to June 2021.

When: Every Tuesday from 6:30 PM starting on Oct 6

Where: Online on Chess.com

Each week, we will play an online tournament (Mostly Rapid tournaments that are unrated. We will have different prizes ranging from EMC Credits, gift cards, cash prizes, etc.

See below for additional benefits:

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Benefits of Membership:

Weekly participation in our online club events including casual chess tournaments and lessons from titled players.

All members will be given access to the EMC Private Members Club (Basic Membership) at no additional cost from now till June 2021). This membership alone is worth $200.

At no additional costs, all members will participate in the EMC monthly CFC rated online tournaments taking place each month. All you have to do is register to participate.

Every member that joins the club gets a 50% discount to join the EMC Level 1 Online Chess Training Class. The regular price for this 8-week class is $130.

Discounts on Chess camps, chess lessons and other events organized by Oakville Chess Club and Elevate My Chess

Opportunity to improve your chess and connect with the other members of the club. From time to time we will use zoom for our meetings so we can see and chat with each other LIVE.

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